Mercedes Benz 200 1970

Nomor Polisi      : B 300 WR              
Merk/Type : Mercedes / 2000 cc
Thn Pembuatan : 1970
Isi Silinder : 2000 cc
Bahan Bakar : Bensin


Mercedes-Benz W114 and W115

This models are a series of sedans and coupés introduced in 1968 by Mercedes-Benz, manufactured through model year 1976, and distinguished in the marketplace by names relating to their engine size. W114 models featured six-cylinder engines and were marketed as the 230, 250, and 280, while W115 models featured four-cylinder engines and were marketed as the 200, 220, 230, and 240.

All were styled by Paul Bracq, featuring a three-box design. At the time, Mercedes marketed sedans in two size classes, with the W114/W115, positioned below the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. Beginning in 1968, Mercedes marketed their model range as New Generation Models,[2] giving their ID plates the designation '/8' (due to their 1968 Launch year).

Because they were the only truly new cars of the so-called 'New Generation' and because of the '/8' or 'slash eight' designation, W114 and W115 models ultimately received the German nickname Strich Acht, loosely translated into the English Stroke eight.


  • Manufacturer: Mercedes Benz
  • Production: 1968–1976 1,919,056 built; Saloon: 1,852,008; Coupé: 67,048
  • Assembly: Stuttgart, West Germany; Bremen, West Germany; Sindelfingen, West Germany; East London; South Africa; Setúbal, Portugal (Movauto); Barcelona; Venezuela (CKD); González Catán, Argentina
  • Designer: Paul Braq
  • Class: Mid-size luxury car / Executive car
  • Body Style: 4-door sedan; 2-door coupé; 4-door limousine
  • Platform: Front-engine, rear-wheel-drive
  • Engine: 2.0 L M115 I4 (petrol); 2.2 L M115 I4 (petrol); 2.3 L M115 I4 (petrol); 2.3 L M180 I6 (petrol); 2.5 L M114 I6 (petrol); 2,746 cc M110 I6 (petrol); 2,778 cc M130 I6 (petrol); 2.0 L OM615 I4 (diesel); 2.2 L OM615 I4 (diesel); 2.4 L OM616 I4 (diesel); 3.0 L OM617 I5 (diesel)
  • Wheelbase: 108.3 in (2,750 mm); 133.9 in (3,400 mm) (limousine)
  • Length: 184.3 in (4,680 mm); 195.5 in (4,970 mm) (US bumpers); 209.8 in (5,330 mm) (limousine)
  • Width: 69.75 in (1,772 mm)